Support VRT and advertise your business at the same time! We would love to partner with your local business throughout our current season. Advertisement space is available in our programs for each of our four productions.

All advertisements are in full color, glossy finish, and printed in excellent quality by Impact Printing, our printing partner. Ads are available in multiple sizes (Business Card, Half Page, Full Page, Back Cover). The full program size is 8.5″x5.5″.

Purchase ads for more than one production and save! Pricing is as follows:

Ad Size

1 Production

2 Productions

3 Productions

All Productions

Business Card (3.5″x2″)


$135 (save $15)

$195 (save $30)

$255 (save $45)

Half Page (3.5″x4.5″)


$235 (save $15)

$345 (save $30)

$455 (save $45)

Full Page (7.5″x4.5″)


$355 (save $15)

$525 (save $30)

$695 (save $45)

Back Cover (7.5″x4.5″)


$535 (save $15)

$795 (save $30)

$1055 (save $45)

Click here for our Advertisement Order Form. Please see this form for advertisement submission and payment details.
Questions? Please contact Jessie Pick, Marketing Designer at